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Body Sculpting

Benefits of Body Sculpting Near Folsom, CA

Northern California Wellness is proud to provide high-quality body sculpting treatments to residents of El Dorado Hills, CA, and the surrounding area! For more information or to schedule an appointment, you can do so online or by contacting us. You can find Northern California Wellness at 877 Embarcadero Dr Suite 2, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.

Benefits of Body Sculpting Near Me in Folsom, CA
Benefits of Body Sculpting Near Me in Folsom, CA

Table of Contents:

Does body sculpting really work?
Does body sculpting help you lose weight?
What are the benefits of body sculpting?
Where can I get body sculpting done (on my body)?

While diet and exercise are essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle, they do not always provide us with the fat loss results we wish to see! In such situations, body sculpting procedures can provide excellent benefits. At Northern California Wellness, our medical aestheticians would be delighted to provide this service to you if you think you could benefit from it!

Does Body Sculpting really work?

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, has proven to deliver excellent fat reduction results for countless patients through minimally invasive techniques! In general, body sculpting works by triggering the natural death of targeted fat cells through several different techniques. The disintegrated fat cells are then naturally eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.

Body sculpting techniques include cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting), heat therapy (SculpSure), radiofrequency (truSculpt), and ultrasound therapy (UltraShape). Each of these body sculpting procedures are non-surgical, which means that they might not produce as dramatic results as liposuction, but the recovery time is essentially nullified with them in comparison with the arduous recovery from liposuction.

At Northern California Wellness, we use truSculpt ID and BTL Exilis Ultra 360 body sculpting procedures. With truSculpt ID, monopolar radiofrequency energy is transmitted to fat cells without damaging skin or surrounding tissues. The RF energy is transmitted through six versatile hands-free applicators without causing any pain or discomfort. With BTL Exilis Ultra 360 body sculpting, ultrasound energy is combined with RF energy to tighten loose skin, increase firmness, and stimulate collagen production.

Does Body Sculpting help you lose weight?

While body sculpting is highly effective for diminishing fat cells, it is not a viable weight loss solution. With that being said, body sculpting can provide exceptional complementary benefits to weight loss regimens by taking care of the stubborn areas of fat the diet and exercise fail to address. As such, body sculpting should not substitute a healthy diet and exercise routine, but rather should be used in addition to those healthy lifestyle choices.

What are the benefits of Body Sculpting?

There are numerous benefits of body sculpting, including both practical and cosmetic benefits! Some of the primary benefits of body sculpting are listed as follows:

• Eliminate stubborn areas of fat: despite our best efforts, diet and exercise can sometimes fail to remove stubborn areas of fat. Body sculpting is an excellent way to address that issue!
• Little to no recovery or downtime: since body sculpting is non-surgical, patients can typically resume their daily routine after treatment without any complications.
• Minimally invasive: body sculpting does not require scalpels, anesthesia, needles, or anything related to surgery. In fact, many patients even find body sculpting procedures comfortable!
• Cost-effective: body sculpting procedures are typically much less expensive than surgical procedures, such as liposuction.
• Skin tightening: body sculpting procedures effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles by tightening the skin in the treatment area.
• Reduced cellulite visibility: by tightening the skin, body sculpture procedures can also greatly reduce cellulite visibility.

With our truSculpt ID body sculpting procedure at Northern California Wellness, we can provide all of the above benefits, in addition to short procedure times and a pain-free experience. TruSculpt body sculpting procedures take as little as 15 minutes. Moreover, most patients report experiences similar to that of a hot stone massage. As such, while your skin’s temperature will rise during the procedure, it is generally comfortable and pain-free.

Where can I get body sculpting done (on my body)?

While most body sculpting procedures are performed on the abdomen or flanks (sides of the abdomen), there are several other areas of the body that body sculpting can treat, such as the upper arms, inner and outer thighs, back, underneath the chin, and buttocks.

For more information on body sculpting or to schedule an appointment with us at Northern California Wellness, we welcome you to contact us or book an appointment through our website!