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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Specialist in El Dorado Hills, CA

The BTL Ultra Femme 360 is the first FDA-approved procedure without surgery that lifts and tightens the labial folds, maintaining a youthful and appealing appearance. The Ultra Femme 360 provides safety, comfort, and minimal downtime. Ultra Femme 360 may be a good alternative for vaginal rejuvenation for those experiencing physical and emotional discomfort. Restore your intimate life with the BTL Ultra Femme 360 vaginal tightening procedure. Dr. Cheree Dunbar, MD, MPH. and her team offer top-rated health and wellness services from El Dorado Hills CA, Folsom CA, Clarksville CA, Cameron Park CA, Granite Bay CA, Alder Creek CA, and Orangevale CA. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment onlineWe are conveniently located at 877 Embarcadero Dr Suite 2, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Near Me in El Dorado Hills, CA
Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Near Me in El Dorado Hills, CA

Table of Contents:

What is vaginal rejuvenation?
What happens during a vaginal rejuvenation treatment?

As women age, it is common for their vaginal tissues to thin and stretch, which can contribute to incontinence as well as a decrease in sexual pleasure. What if there were a way to restore elasticity and rebuild vaginal tissue? What if there was a machine that could increase the production of collagen and elastin to tighten your vaginal area?  Well, now there is. Northern California Wellness is proud to offer the Ultra Femme 360 for female patients seeking vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The Ultra Femme 360 is a revolutionary vaginoplasty tool. It increases blood flow and stimulates the production of collagen in your vaginal area. This helps to tighten the labia and decrease the size of both the vaginal opening and canal. The tightening of these areas helps your body to improve its natural lubrication process, as well as enhance your sensation for increased sexual satisfaction. Ultra Femme 360 treatments may also help reduce stress incontinence.

At Northern California Wellness, we know that discussing intimate issues with your doctor can sometimes be difficult, which is why we strive to create a stress-free and welcoming office environment. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you visit our practice, and we encourage you to be candid with your doctor about any and all of your concerns. You deserve to feel confident and sexy, no matter your age, and we want to help you achieve all of your goals so that you can lead the happiest, healthiest life possible.

What happens during a Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment?

The Ultra Femme 360 procedure is painless and easy. A typical session takes between 10-40 minutes and requires absolutely zero recovery time. You are allowed to return to all of your normal activities immediately following your procedure. The Ultra Femme 360 homogeneously heats the treatment area to over 104 degrees Fahrenheit through the use of targeted radio frequencies. This increases the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, resulting in increased production of elastin and collagen. Patients report that this process creates a comfortable warming sensation. You might notice some mild swelling and redness following your procedure, but these side effects typically dissipate within a few hours. Most patients will notice results after their first treatment; however, multiple treatment sessions may be required in order to achieve complete results.

At Northern California Wellness, we know that every woman’s body is different, which is why the Ultra Femme 360 is such an important piece of equipment. It allows us to create a completely customized experience for each of our unique patients. Our experienced staff is proud to offer a vaginoplasty treatment that puts women’s needs first and understands that each individual session will have different requirements.

If you have ever been curious about vaginoplasty or think that the Ultra Femme 360 might be right for you, call Northern California Wellness to schedule a consultation today. Let our highly trained professionals guide you through the process of tightening your vaginal area so you can regain sexual satisfaction and reduce stress incontinence. We promise to work with you to create a treatment plan that will help you feel confident and sexy every day.