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Plexr Treatment in El Dorado Hills, CA

Plexr Treatment Specialist in El Dorado Hills, CA

Plexr is a non-invasive procedure that lifts eyelids and reduces wrinkles. Plexr is a quick, scar-free procedure that improves skin elasticity and smoothness. Plexr promptly eliminates excess skin on the upper or lower eyelids, and also any excess skin in the surrounding area, with minimal downtime and long-lasting outcomes. If you’re looking to tighten the skin on your face and neck, then our plexr treatment may be right for you! At Northern California Wellness, Dr. Dunbar, M.D., M.P.H., and her experienced staff can help you look as beautiful as you feel on the inside. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 877 Embarcadero Dr Suite 2, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.

Plexr Treatment Near Me in El Dorado Hills, CA
Plexr Treatment Near Me in El Dorado Hills, CA

Table of Contents:

What is Plexr treatment?
How long does a plasma eye lift last?
How long does Plexr take to heal?

When you look good, you feel good. Here at Northern California Wellness, we want you to look and feel your best! There are always new treatments coming out every year to improve the look of your face, skin, and every other part of your body. It can be perplexing trying to find which treatment is best for you. The article below gives some detail of the new Plexr treatment, which uses plasma to tighten your skin.

What is Plexr treatment?

The Plexr treatment is a new way to treat loose or puffy eyelids and neck skin. If you have mild to moderately loose skin, this fantastic alternative might be right for you! However, you might want to consider eye bag removal surgery for moderate to severe eye bags.

Plexr treatments stimulate the contraction, shortening, and tightening of skin fibers which results in a tightening of the skin. The specialist will mark a small grid on the skin, creating combustion of the skin corneocytes, without damaging the surrounding tissue. This effectively tightens the area and is very effective at performing non-surgical eyelid lifts and neck tightening. This procedure can be used for numerous aesthetic concerns, like treating loose facial skin, and scarring, and performing brow lifts.

Plexr, also known as Plasma Skin Tightening, is very effective in treating several skincare issues. You would be a good candidate for this procedure if you are concerned about:

• Crow’s feet
• Thin lips
• Baggy lower eyelids
• Excessive upper eyelid skin
• Sagging jowl and neck skin
• Scars, including acne scars
• Loose stomach skin
• Stretch marks
• Deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth

How long does a plasma eye lift last?

The Plasma Eye Lift works by using an electric current to ionize the natural gases in the air, turning them into plasma. Plasma is created when atoms are stripped of their electrons and the ions roam freely. The plasma creates a tiny superficial burn or ‘dot’ when the tip of the Plasma Spark Pen is placed close to the skin. Repeated ‘dots’ are created using plasma. The skin tissue instantly vaporizes which leaves a crust of carbon on the area. Once the carbon crust naturally falls off, the skin will be tighter and firmer.

Most clients will see a tightening of skin right away. With plasma treatments, your skin is healing from the inside out. Because of this, you will see progressive results over the next few weeks with optimal results appearing after about eight weeks. Clients continue to see transformative results for three or more years.

How long does Plexr take to heal?

Following the treatment, the eyelids may swell temporarily, which will settle in two to three days. This may require the use of oral anti-inflammatory tablets. The carbon crust takes from 4 to 10 days to disappear. It is of great importance not to scratch, rub, or pick at the treated area. Doing so could create a pinkish skin discoloration or hypo/hyperpigmentation. You will be required to use a foundation, which has to be applied to the treated area for one month to aid the healing process. Local anesthetic cream is applied on cleansed skin for an hour. Most patients feel some heat and pain. Proceeding the session, there will be small black/brown combustion points in the treated area which may be sore. Plasma Pen treatment can be quite painful if no anesthetic or numbing medication is used. The level of pain may be similar to the painful sensation of ultrasound-induced wrinkle reduction and tightening.

If you notice the effects of aging wearing you down, don’t be discouraged! Our treatments could be the remedy you’re looking for. Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist to see if Plexr treatments are right for you. To book an appointmentcontact us or visit us online.